Newsflash – Tales from Belgium

After most of our Ultimate Graffsportz 2 copies are distributed we can finally start with our newest project; a book about the 25 years history of train writing in Belgium.

We already agreed with writers and crews like Hulk, Bond, DB crew, Syhné and the DHL crew, the Nawas, Opak, Alors, … to get some photos from back in the days to make our book as complete as possible.


Wallon pioneers like Jnc, TS (Trains Snipers) are unmissable for the book. Further we had the Brussels scene that came up soon after with writers like Dekor and the BCP, Choc, Bond, and many others.

In Flanders we had PUC, DHL crew and NDZ, later Animal Farm and the Nawas and many more followed.

After 25 years of train writing we sure have enough pictures, crazy story’s-where our country is known for-, people willing to give a short interview to fill a 288 pages book about our Belgian history.

The interviews, stories and pictures-from Belgian steel only-will be shown per year and we start in the early 90’s till 2016 to cover a 25 year period.


288 pages/ text: comes in a both English and Dutch-French version/ out winter 2016/ 29,7x21cm/ 29,90 €
To be continued…