Ultimate Graffsportz 2

The essential book that covers the international trainwriting culture

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The act of writing on trains became popular in the down-trodden times of the 70's in NYC on the subway trains traveling troughouth the Metropolitan area. Today, 40 years since its birth the act of writing on passenger trains has become a sub-culture spread troughout the world with its own language, codes and rituals.

Ten years after the first Ultimate Graffsportz we are back with the second "classic of the classics" when it comes to books about graffiti writing on trains.

Ultimate Graffsportz 2 showcases an alfabetic list of world's best and most influential train writers and crews featuring: [...]BGS crew, 031 crew, AF crew, ALL crew, Alors, BH'S crew, Bild, BLOW crew, Boing, Cent, Clouds, CREW crew, D30 crew, DIA/UHT crew, Died, DTEES crew, Enjoy, ER crew, EVK crew, FAME crew, FLIPAS crew, Fra32, Furious, Gues, Hepo, Hulk, INF crew, Jake, Kawps, KGS crew, LF crew, Lol, Luce, Maker, Mr.Maks, Marvel, MB'S crew, MDT crew, Metro, MHD crew, ML'S crew, Moon, Moses, Motiv, Mser, NAWAS crew, Norma, Phore, Pluto, PMS crew, Pores, QSMD crew, Regie, RHB crew, Risk, Rocco, Rush, Sabe, Seran, SOSW crew, SSH crew, Taps, THE crew, The Rock, TRG crew, Vifl, VTO crew, Zoow and Zztop.

Further we interviewed Kid Crap, Same, Vino, Bleu and Rocki, we have Metro Warriors, VIMOAS and TSK crew specials, Bitch goes South and the 1KM project.

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